Confidence Group is one of the very few business houses in our country who are involved in manufacturing innovative mid-tech engineering products. Our list of products include cement, spunned pre-stressed concrete(SPC) pole, paint, galvanized telescopic pole, machineries, gear-box for water pumps, screws and fasteners, towers, portable steel bridges, pole fittings and hardware, electronic and electro-mechanical meters etc. The companies that manufacture this wide range of products are Confidence Cement Limited. Confidence Power Limited. Electropac Industries Limited, Jingyi Electropac Bangladesh Limited, Confidence Steel Limited and Asian Points Bangladesh Limited.

Confidence Cement Limited one of the largest producers of cement in the country, is a leading blue-chip company in the local stock exchange and there it has been among the top 20 performing companies for the last five years.

Asian Paints Bangladesh Limited is a joint venture project between Confidence Cement Limited, its directors and Asian Paints Limited. Asian Paints Limited, o company of Indian origin is among the top ten producer of paint in the world.

Confidence Power Limited and Electropac Industries Limited combined are one of the biggest manufacturers of SPC poles. Together these two companies hove already supplier over 125,000 pieces of SPC poles to REB. BPDB and Barind Multipurpose Project.

Confidence Steel Limited is new venture and it is perhaps the most modern steel fabrication company in this country is equipped to manufacture galvanized telescopic poles, towers, machineries, gear-box for water pumps, screws and fasteners, portable steel bridges, pole fittings and hardware etc. A detai! description is given later on to provide a thorough understanding of CSL's capabilities.

Jingyi Electropac Bangladesh Limited is a new company that has the capability to assemble single phase electronic, electro-mechanical and pre-paid electric meters.


Confidence Cement Limited (CCL) is the first private ...

Confidence Cement

  Confidence Power Ltd., a private limited company...

Confidence Power Limited
Jingyi Elecfropac Bangladesh Umifed is a new company...

Jingyi Electropac Bangladesh Limited

Confidence Steel Ltd., o Private Limited Company...

Confidence Steel Limited

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